THE WOMEN OF MY LIFE , feature film, French & English, in development

A seven-year-old girl who believes she was born a fish, takes refuge in a world of fantasy and soap opera romance in order to escape her parents' disintegrating marriage, amidst the escalating Anglo/Franco tensions in 1970 Quebec .

Writer, Director, Producer: Carole Ducharme

Developed with the assistance of Telefilm Canada, BC Film, Movie Central, The Harold Greenberg Fund, NSI Features First
Finalist at the Moondance International Film Festival 2006 Screenplay Competition (Hollywood)


MY QUEER FAMILY , feature-length documentary, English & French, in development

It's a phenomenon prevalent enough to merit its own catch phrase - the “gayby boom” - the growing number of children being raised by Gays or Lesbians. Is society ready to accept this queer family unit?

Writer & Director: Carole Ducharme

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada


OVER THE RAINBOWS,13 x half-hour comedy series & feature, English, in development

Imagine a world where everyone is Gay, and being Straight is a little queer…

Writer, Director, Producer: Carole Ducharme, based on her award winning short film Straight from the Suburbs


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